All About Smartphones: How To Install VCOM Drivers For MediaTek Android Phones

Thursday, February 27, 2014

How To Install VCOM Drivers For MediaTek Android Phones

One of the reasons why you would need VCOM drivers for MediaTek devices is when you want to flash or reload the ROM of a MediaTek android phone. It is very pertinent that the vcom drivers are present before sp flash tool can begin flashing ROM for the device. Therefore, I am going to show you how to install this important driver.

2. MediaTek powered android phone
3. Good working USB Cable
4. A Windows computer.

1. Download the vcom driver for your device type. In the downloaded vcom drivers above, you would notice that there are drivers for different devices. If your phone is an Infinix Alpha for example, you would need the MT6589 vcom driver.

2. Extract the content of the zipped file to its individual folders as shown in the image

3. Click on installdrv.exe and let it install. If it asks you any question, just install anyway.

4. Now open Device Manager which you can find through Control Panel

5. Switch off your device and connect it to the computer ( for some phones, you may need to remove the battery while connected to the computer.

6. Immediately you see MT56xx Preloader, right click on it and select Update driver

7. Click on Browse my computer for driver software and navigate to the folder where you extracted the vcom drivers.

8. Select WIN7, XP or VISTA as it applies to your PC type.

9. It will find your device driver and install it

10. Disconnect your phone from the computer and reconnect it again. This time it will automatically install the driver and would be displayed among the available installed drivers in Device Manager.

Once these steps are done, you can easily reload your Tecno, Infinix and other MediaTek devices when you have their stock ROM.

I hope this guide helps someone. I will be writing on how to fix a bricked Tecno phone soon so stay close to this blog.

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