All About Smartphones: Nokia Annouces Nokia X, X+ and XL At The MWC (Images)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Nokia Annouces Nokia X, X+ and XL At The MWC (Images)

We know that Nokia was set to release an Android Nokia phone called Nokia Normandy (Nokia X) but we never knew that Nokia had in fact three types of the phone ready to be released in Q2 2014 until it was unveiled at the MWC.

The three new Nokia Android phones are known as Nokia X, Nokia XL and Nokia X+: all with different features and specs to meet the needs of various groups of people. We've waited for something for so long; an Android Nokia phone, but again, we are glad that its finally a reality. 

As you may  have known by now, this version of Android on the Nokia X+, XL and X is known as a forked Android; which has a very strong integration with the Windows Phone OS - in fact its like the amalgamation of Windows Phone OS and Android OS.

Nokia X, X+ and XL are gorgeous devices with nice specs. While both X and X+ are lower end devices, the XL packs a punch than the former two. Nokia X and X+ are 4 inch devices with mid-range specs with 4 inch display while the XL is a more premium device with a 5 inch display.

The Nokia XL is heavier, has a better camera, a bigger RAM and more battery capacity but features the same resolution of 480 x 800 as the Nokia X and X+

A full specifications list is displayed in the image below. It will give you all the details you need to know about the devices.

According to Nokia, the price tags attached to the different devices are as follows:

Nokia X will cost €89, Nokia X+ will cost €99, while the Nokia XL will retail at €109. Nokia X is available to buy immediately while X+ and XL will be available in Q2 2014.

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Source: Redmondpie

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