All About Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy F Series Smartphones Unveiling

Friday, February 28, 2014

Samsung Galaxy F Series Smartphones Unveiling

Samsung have lifted the veil off the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a less noisy way to the world. Although, the North Korean based company have added good numbers of new features and enhancements to the device, yet, a few number of folks are unsatisfied with the device -- and this is especially because of the plastic casing that the S5 comes with.

It would be untrue to state that not so many people are looking forward to a metallic, high premium finish Samsung Galaxy S5 and so when Samsung unveiled the SG S5 in another plastic form factor; spirits were dampened; however, all hope are not lost.

Recent reports have been leaked detailing how some high Samsung executives were discussing a way to unveil a new line of Samsung galaxy devices known as the Samsung F series during the MWC 2014 in Barcelona. 

Apparently, the new line F series launch needs to be big so that the fan base would be high. Perhaps, it may be a reason why the Samsung Galaxy S5 unveiling was a little ebbed down at the MWC.

Rumors say that the new F series Samsung Galaxy smartphone  will tackle the plastic issue and therefore will be in aluminium finish. It is expected to be unveiled in May 2014, just after HTC launches their HTC One 2. Some other rumor flowing out says that the device will have a more improved technical specifications, chasis and feel. In fact the F series is expected to be more sophisticated that the S5 recently launched with improved exynos processor and a little larger display.

Currently, there is no word on actual specifications and unveiling date of the device but the idea that Samsung Galaxy F will be aluminium should put smiles in the faces of Samsung Galaxy loyalists.

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