All About Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S5 versus Samsng Galaxy S4: Specs Comparison

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 versus Samsng Galaxy S4: Specs Comparison

Now that Samsung have unveiled their flagship phone, a lot of folks would start looking for cash, making savings and getting ready to replace their Android phone as soon as Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes available for purchase in April 11th. However, would the extra cash needed to be spent on the S5 totally worth it especially if you are currently using a Samsung Galaxy S4? Find out below.


The S5 is a great device; with fingerprint scanner, heart monitor and other forms of "effizy" that was packed into the device but not so many a people would to some extent require all the overkill in the new device which will be commensurate to the price of the device. Therefore, its important to quickly give a brief comparison of the New Samsung S5 and the old S4 which the guys over at Redmondpie put together.

From the table above, it should be easy for anyone to decide whether they would be upgrading their Samsung S4 to S5 or not. 

The S5 is not due for sale till April 11th so there is plenty of time to think, make plans and even do some more comparison with other high end devices like HTC M8 that would be unveiled by March before finally deciding to get the all new Samsung Galaxy S5.

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Source: Redmondpie

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