All About Smartphones: BlackBerry 10.3 OS Running on Z10 Spotted

Monday, March 24, 2014

BlackBerry 10.3 OS Running on Z10 Spotted

BlackBerry 10.2 is still great with its new features and the ability to run Android apps on with makes it even better. 

Even better is the news that guys over at N4BB have sighted a seemingly BlackBerry 10.3 OS running on a BlackBerry Z10 device. The images below show what the new OS would look like including the changes implemented.

Home screen
The icons on the home screen looks flater than the current icons on 10.2.1.

Intelligent Assistant
Well well, it looks like BlackBerry would be finally having its own native assistant. Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana would have a new competitor in BlackBerry OS 10.3.

New keyboard Layout and Colours
There is a slight change in the keyboard layout. Its now minimalistic and the colour scheme of the operating system is now Black with a touch of Red.

Battery Saving
BlackBerry is looking for ways to save battery of the device when not in use. Therefore what was implemented is that the backlight of the device would go off when the screen is facing down or the device is inside the pocket. Its a welcome gesture.

Camera Features
Timer for taking camera has been added to the Camera features; taking panoramic pictures added and works great. Also, the option to record video ion 720p at 30fps and 60fps was added.

Furthermore, the camera now suggest HDR mode in certain situations and environment and finally, pin design capture and control orientation is changed.

Buttons and Controls
The design of the controls and button of the music player have been changed a little bit giving it a subtle and minimalistic style.

Overall Response
Overall response of BB10.3 is very impressive. The system minimizes and maximises application almost instantly giving it a more pleasant flow and gesture browsing experience.

As you all know, the final product of the 10.3 build will differ greatly from this beta ( version that was leaked for a more generally pleasing experience. Also, the final product won't be available until later in the year. However you can grab the download link for the beta version below which works for Blackberry Z10.

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Source: N4BB

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