All About Smartphones: Blackberry Vows To Prosecute Leakers of Its products

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blackberry Vows To Prosecute Leakers of Its products

New developments coming from the BlackBerry company, specifically from John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry is that there will be a strong crackdown on those personnel or individual that is responsible for leaking company's confidential information.  

According to Chen, leaking information of products that are still at their infancy is more detrimental to the company than the good it can create. He furthermore stress the fact that he understands the enthusiasm and curiosity of fans to want to know about latest developments for BlackBerry products and software in the works but maintains that leaking these information is not good for business. 

To this end, BlackBerry will therefore take legal actions against those people involved in releasing leaked BlackBerry OS updates and upcoming hardware both internally and externally. 

What this means is that it may become less frequent how often we hear leaked information on BlackBerry's future intentions and activities except divulged by the company herself. 

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