All About Smartphones: LG Teases About Its Smartwatch With Images

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LG Teases About Its Smartwatch With Images

Cos ordering that Motorola have given us insight I to its moto 360 smartwatch, LG has just given us her sneak peek to what her own smartwatch will look like when it gets released. 

moto 360 round smartwatch

LG smartwatch is known as the G Watch and would have the traditional square face unlike moto 360 round face. The watch is just 1.65 inch in display with a PPI of 240. 

LG G smartwatch

Further reports also stated that the battery life of the watch will be good enough to go for more than 3 days after a full charge. 

The image which was released on Twitter via LG's twitter handle didn't offer any more information concerning the internal specs of the smartwatch however, LG has promised that the device would be the first Android Wear product on the market suggesting that it will hit the market before Motorola's moto 360 smartwatch. 

We promise to keep you posted on this as information becomes available. 

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