All About Smartphones: 5 Smartphone Apps That helps You Procrastinate Big Time

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Smartphone Apps That helps You Procrastinate Big Time

Procrastination is the act of postponing what one needs to be doing at a present time to a later time usually needlessly.

Will all are guilty of procrastination at one point in time and the emergence of smartphones makes this even easy to do so don't act like you are a saint. However, there are certain apps on our smartphones that makes us even more guilty and this apps are outlined below.

1. Candy Crush Saga
Mehn, this game which is available for PC Android and iOS devices and can be very addictive; if you one isn't careful, getting hooked is a piece of cake.

Imagine getting to the lobby of a big company and the receptionist seemed so busy on the computer, people even queuing up only to find the lady trying to get pass stage number 35 in candy crush game through Facebook. Someone might get hurt.
We've seen this happen many times in different scenarios. Therefore, on our list, candy crush tops the list of highly addictive game that can help in procrastination big time!

2. Temple Run
This is that game that start right at that point when the treasure hunter picks up a forbidden treasure and he's being chased around the wilderness only this time, the bad guy never stops.

When you start playing temple run, you can quickly lose track of time and you just run endlessly, trying to beat your last good score.

This game can be very addictive especially amongst teenagers hence can very much help in procrastination.

3. FIFA14
Yes, this is one of my favourites game on both my Android and iPhone - and trust me, I can woop people's ass very well.

FIFA14 game play is very cool and realistic; no wonder playing it can be fun. However, if one isn't careful, one could get hooked and not know when to stop playing and scoring those goals. Trust me, you will procrastinate very well until you are out of battery power on your device.

4. Angry Birds
You have exams to write and you are playing angry birds? You probably would get to the exam venue late if you are not careful.

As simplistic as Angry Birds may be, it's very easy to get engrossed in playing the game and easily lose track of time.

Don't forget, there's always one more challenge to overcome but hey, the app isn't running away so leave the game for while, don't procrastinate but do what is needed to be done at the right time.

Angry Birds can be addictive and can help in some serious procrastination.

5. Real Racing 3
I love this game very much not only for its good game play but because I love car racing games.

The game tries to reduce the time spent on gaming by making sure that it takes a good number of time to get a car fixed if damaged. However, in the face of unlimited gold and cash, one may be tempted to keep playing for hours nonstop. Hence more pressing matters could be postponed.

Therefore, Real Racing 3 can be time consuming and make you procrastinate big time.

Of course, there are other apps that can also aid in procrastination seriously but we can't put them in here. Funny enough these are all games.

Do you have other apps in your mind that can be very addictive and can aid you in procrastination? Drop the name in the comment section.

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