All About Smartphones: This iPhone Data Monitoring App Is Free Till April 4th; Grab It Now

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This iPhone Data Monitoring App Is Free Till April 4th; Grab It Now

Smartphones are internet data consumers and we as user are always looking for ways to make sure that we do not exceed or exhaust the data cap we purchased before its set expiry time; hence, we are always looking out for apps that are consuming data at a faster rate. Monitoring data usage by apps is a very daunting challenge for and iPhone user.

Thanks to the developers of DataMan and iOS app, the challenge of knowing which app takes data the most is solved. This is one of  the best data monitoring apps that is out there. It's so specific and accurate you would love it.

Apart from the accuracy, the app is clean and neatly built; you would be mesmerized at how simple and efficient it is to keep your data usage in check.

DataMan for iOS was initially a $1.99 app but has gone free for a limited time; specifically April 4th, so we suggest that you go ahead to download this wonderful application before it becomes a paid application again.

Check below for the direct download link to DataMan app for iPhone.

DataMan for iOS download link 

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