All About Smartphones: Apple Won't Unveil iPhone 6 at WWDC

Monday, May 26, 2014

Apple Won't Unveil iPhone 6 at WWDC

Apple is set to begin it's annual WWDC conference in June 2nd 2014 however New information going through the internet have suggested that Apple won't be unveiling it's much anticipated iPhone 6 to the world at this year's WWDC.

Although, Apple may not unveil the new iPhone at the WWDC event, it is believed that Apple would be unveiling a new kind of product according to the Financial Times. 

The Financial Times on Monday reported that Apple is ready to unveil “a new software platform” that will allow iPhone users to control lights, appliances and security systems in their homes. FT’s anonymous sources say that the move is a “big play” that will compete with rival offerings from Google and Samsung, and the solution will be shown off during Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 2nd.

According to sources, this new software/product called Home Smart would make it possible for you to control your lights, doors etc with your iPhone. 

Also, at the 2014 WWDC, Apple would unveil the iOS 8 and the OS X 10.10 to the world. 

One thing is sure; WWDC 2014 is very much close by and we shall be bringing you a information on things happening at the event. 

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