All About Smartphones: BlackBerry Windermere Leaked Specifications

Friday, May 9, 2014

BlackBerry Windermere Leaked Specifications

For BlackBerry to continue to stay relevant in the smartphone industry, it has to innovate and release cutting edge smartphones.

BlackBerry Windermere is one of those cutting edge smartphone that we believe BlackBerry is working on. The information which was first seen from CrackBerry suggests that the device will have new physical keyboard layout with a lovely 4.5in LCD display to go with it.

According to sources, BlackBerry Windermere would have a display resolution of 1440 x 1440; that is 453PPI,  which is very outstanding if you ask me.

Furthermore, it is said that the device would have a 13 mega pixel rear camera with image stabilization built it as well as a good 3,450 mAh battery that would allow the device to last longer during use.

Finally, leaked information suggest that the device would see a new keyboard layout that would make it faster and easy to type, while the weight and thickness of the device will also be reduced making for a sleek and beautiful BlackBerry smartphone.

Although more information about the release date, specifications and features are still not known, we believe that the BlackBerry Windermere would be a great smartphone if it's ready for release.

As usual, we shall keep you in the loop as more information gets to our reach.

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  1. matey....i need your number or bb pin....wanna ask you some questions.... nice blog though :)

  2. thanks for the quick reply mate.

  3. Good Mr Akin, i'm waiting for your specifications, Price and review on the new TECNO H7. Thanks..


    1. LOL. Mr Stelch. From Linda Ikeji to Phone Gist. You get mouth die.

    2. I have done a good review of the Tecno H7

    3. Hello sir my 2go is not connecting on my z10

    4. Hello sir my 2go is not connecting on my z10


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