All About Smartphones: Comparison Between Gionee Elife E6 versus Tecno R7 Smartphone

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Comparison Between Gionee Elife E6 versus Tecno R7 Smartphone

It is not often that we compare Tecno devices to Gionee devices, however, this time we are taking time to look at spec comparison between Tecno R7 and Gionee Elife E6 smartphones.

we compared their basic specifications side by side in other to see which is most desirable and more optimum in terms of price and spec for the basic to advanced android smartphone user.

In our comparison, we use a color coded table to show both strengths and weakness. In the table below, the cell with the green colour signify strength with respect to specification while the other colour signify weakness.

Furthermore, the higher the number of green cell for any of the smartphone the more it counts as a better device. However we would like you guys to be the judge.

From the table above its very apparent that Gionee put in a lot of good stuff in the Elife 6. For example, The Elife has a sharper and brighter screen compared to the Tecno R7. Also, the Gionee is slimmer in thickness compared to the Tecno R7. However, a smartphone is not all that based on its display properties alone. 

The Tecno R7 performs faster not only because the anTuTu benchmark says so from the value in the table but because in the time we have used the phone, we were fascinated at the speed and response.

Furthermore, Tecno have finally come through by allowing OTA updates for the Tecno R7. This not only put the Tecno R7 at par with competing products but it also gives the device a longer lifetime in the Android ecosystem.

The Tecno R7 is a very good contender and would obviously appeal to many especially seeing the price tag and good specs that is quite better than the Elife E6.

Finally, seeing how good the Tecno R7 tops the Elife, one would expect the R7 to be more expensive with respect to price, however, from the image above you will notice that it is way cheaper than the Gionee elife E6.

Our verdict is that the Tecno R7 is a better product and a good value for money than the Gionee Elife E6 smartphone.

What are your thoughts regarding this comparison? Do you think the Elife is a better choice than the Tecno R7? Drop your comments below.

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