All About Smartphones: New Google Maps Update Gets Even Better

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Google Maps Update Gets Even Better

When it comes to the choice of using maps navigation, Google Maps is still the number one followed perhaps by Nokia Here. However, with the latest update to Google Maps few days ago, Google added a very vital and important information to navigation that you won't find on any other competing navigation system. 

The latest Google Maps update which is version 3.00 now gives you Turn by Turn navigation with lane guidance and quick access to route overview. 

Sometimes one passes and exit because of staying on the wrong lane and have to proceed to the next exit which is quite unpleasant, having to spend more on gas and time consuming too. However, with lane guidance, you will be well prepared in advance an move to the proper lane before entering and exit. This way, navigation would be more efficient and precise. 

Among other updates included in the new Google Map update is the ability to save offline maps to a custom list in case you are traveling or in a place of low connection speed. See the image below for all the updates google included in the latest Google Maps.

iOS, Windows Phone and Android device users can download the update at their respective stores. 

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