All About Smartphones: Notability Is Now Free To Download

Friday, May 2, 2014

Notability Is Now Free To Download

There are a number of good note-taking apps. One of them is Notability which has caught the attention of an increasing number of people since it was first release. 

Notability is a note taking app that is well designed and useful. The only thing was that this app was on the expensive side; costing $4.99.

Well, that price is no longer valid for a limited time. Notability is now completely free of charge for a short amount of time, and if you are the type that loves taking notes on your phone, making recordings and even create forms on the go. Then you should quickly download the Notability app before it gets a price tag again. 

There's a huge numbers of things you can do with this Notability app including sharing notes, creating documents, make voice recording in class especially good for students etc. 

Go to the Apple App Store to download the app if you are interested and am sure you would love it

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