All About Smartphones: Tecno R7 versus Tecno AIII Spec Comparison

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tecno R7 versus Tecno AIII Spec Comparison

Before the Release of Tecno R7 in April 2014, one of the best and well done smartphone from Tecno Mobile was  the Tecno AIII which was released in December 2013. The AIII saw good success as it has some good amount of premium feel to it. Also, its a phablet that was released for those that one want bigger screen smart device. 

However, the Tecno R7 which is a smaller smartphone in terms of size is making its way to heart of many. Its more handy and yet with a good screen size that won't make it look too bogus. The R7 is the most recent Tecno's high-end smartphone.

We consider the basic and more salient specs between each devices to see what they both have to offer. The image below says it all.

We use colours to show where a particular spec becomes more than the other. The green colour shows a strong spec while the darker colour suggest the opposite.

The Tecno AIII is obviously a great phone but the price is quite scary when compared to the Tecno R7 which is a very solidly built phone.

What are your thoughts? Don't you think the price for the Pantom AIII should have dropped by now?

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