All About Smartphones: 5 Cool Things About The Latest Android Operating System: Android L

Sunday, June 29, 2014

5 Cool Things About The Latest Android Operating System: Android L

Few days ago Google showed us the next version of Android operating system known as the Android L with complete UI (User Interface) overhaul, 3D textual elements and very smooth flow at the Google I/O event.

We put together 5 cool things we like about the latest Android L operating system.

1. Bluetooth and Connectivity
Android devices have been behind the wearables curve because of inconsistent Bluetooth 4.0 LE support. Android L fixes that, big time. It boosts standard Bluetooth support to 4.1, folds in all the latest profiles, and offers a health-management platform. This isn't just about Android Wear watches, but about making all of the wearables out there work with many more Android phones than they do now.

2. New Soft Control Keys
Android's going a little bit Playstation with the new soft keys, one of the most frequent interface elements that every Android user sees. The current lineup are a looping arrow for "back," a pentagon for "home" and two linked boxes for "multitasking." They're getting simpler: now we'll have a triangle for Back, a circle for Home and a box for Multitasking.

3. New Notifications
Android L will have less clustered and intrusive notification. Only important notifications will show up on the lock screen and you will have the option to either respond or decline.

4. Battery Saving
Android L will be very battery conscious.  Android L will reduce CPU speed and screen refresh rate if battery power reduces to a certain level. 

5. Android Runtime Switch
Android have always used Dalvik for interpreting codes but with the new Android L, the interpreter was switched to ARM which is a more efficient compiler expected to improve performance and battery life.

There are more cool things about the new Android L which we shall be taking time to publish here.

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