All About Smartphones: How To Root Any Android Device With VROOT

Thursday, June 5, 2014

How To Root Any Android Device With VROOT

In a not-so-long time ago, rooting an android device was quite a very messy and tedious process. However, in recent times, rooting an Android device especially one running 4.0+ has been a piece of cake for majority of the android devices.

VROOT seek to make it even easier to root your Android phone running Android 4.0 - 4.3 so that you can have SuperUser access to it. The guide below will help you in achieving a rooted status on your android device using VROOT in no time.

1. A Windows Computer
2. VROOT software: Download here 
3. Android device connected to your computer

1. Download the VROOT software on your computer from the link provided above

2. Install and Run app after installation. Its in Chinese but don't worry.

3. On first run, you will greeted with the page as shown below. Click on the dialogue box indicated with the red square in the image.

4. Now connect your Android device to the computer and in few seconds you will notice a spinning circle on the USB cord image on the left (highlighted with a red box in image below).

5. Once your device is detected, you will see device name boldly displayed. In the case of the image below, device name is Infinix X1000

6. Click on the ROOT button just as highlighted in the image above. In a few seconds your device would be rooted and a reboot would be effected during the process.

After the root process is completed, SuperUser would be displayed on  your list of apps and you would notice that SuperUser is in English and not in Chinese.

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