All About Smartphones: How To Set Your Android Phone Free From The Dreadful Simplocker Malware

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How To Set Your Android Phone Free From The Dreadful Simplocker Malware

If you have been following news of malware affecting Android devices recently, you would know that the Simplocker malware aka Ransomware is one of the most dreaded malware on Android. The reason isn't far fetched. 

Once an android device is infected with the malware, it encrypts all photos, videos and documents on the device and locked away splice that the user of the phone is not allowed to use is files. To get them released, victim is asked to pay a whooping $21 else just bid goodbye to months of accumulated media files an documents.

Hope isn't lost though; thanks to team Avast who said they have developed a way to combat this malware and restore order to devices infected and encrypted by Simplocker malware without paying hackers a dime.

According to Avast, the newly developed Avast Ransomware Removal app for Android will tackle and resolve the menace of the Simplocker malware.

The new avast Ransomware removal app is free to download and is available on the Google Play Store with direct link here

Are you affected with this notorious malware or want to protect yourself in the event some hackers try to get hold of your sensitive files? Go get the Avast Ransomware Removal app now

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