All About Smartphones: 12.9inch iPad shown off and Ready for Release

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

12.9inch iPad shown off and Ready for Release

Rumors of Apple intending to release a 12.9inch iPad is already going through the internet within the past few hours. 

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) first release the notion that Apple will release a 13" iPad in one of their articles in 2013. 

By 2014, this news have become more plausible as Bloomberg recently revealed that Apple have started putting things together to make the 12.9 inch device ready for release in 2015.

If Apple do indeed release a 12.9inch iPad in 2015, then it will be in direct competition to the likes of Samsung Pro 12inch tab and Microsoft Surface tablets. 

The stakes are high in the mobile and computing industry and if the market for larger display tablets is large enough, Apple will definitely join in the market; something we've seen Apple do during Tim Cook reign with the release of iPad mini and the soon to be released Apple phablet - the iPhone 6.

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