All About Smartphones: 5 New Apps For Android That Are Completely Free

Friday, August 15, 2014

5 New Apps For Android That Are Completely Free

There are too many apps in the Google Play Store and it will be very impossible to keep abreast them all and yet new ones are constantly being added on a daily basis. However, we try to point your attention to good apps that may interest you. Here are few new apps that you may like going by general review and completely free.

This is a 2D game that follows the classic arcade style game and just as the name suggest, you fight your way through the streets. Popular user review gives the 13MB size game 4 stars. You should try it out since it's lightweight and free then give us a feedback.

When it comes to racing games on smartphones, the number of names you can call aren't too much however CSR racing is one of those names that's in the list of worthy names.

The game is a racing game with powerful graphics and cars. Stability is also very good and it's completely free. If you are in the mood for a car racing game on your phone then you should download this free game.

Football season is about to begin and one may not be available for every game. Hence, there's a need for an app to give constant up-to-date info on any game, scores and highlights.

If you feel like this is something you need, then you can grab this app LiveSoccer -live scores as it gives you timely sports information in real time. It's free and lightweight. 

4. Want to learn a new language but don't have a tutor? Fret not, Duolingo comes to the rescue.

Duolingo is a language tutor with excellent design. It's one of those apps that we believe was done with all form of care and sleekness and also does what it's built for - teaching Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian totally 100% free. Download by visiting the link in the subheading.

This app does exactly what the name suggest plus done extra stuffs. It announces the name of any caller so that you don't have to reach for your smartphone just because you want to know who's calling especially when are busy with something else. 

This app also announces name of SMS sender and perform other various activities like announcing battery percentage. You can grab this app completely free from the Google play store from the link in the subheading. 

We shall be bringing you more apps every week so stay tuned to this blog. 

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