All About Smartphones: BlackBerry Passport: All You Need To Know

Sunday, August 17, 2014

BlackBerry Passport: All You Need To Know

BlackBerry Passport is that awkwardly looking smartphone from BlackBerry geared towards the business oriented folks that want to achieve more from their smartphones. This phone was announced in June 2014 and since then it's gotten a lot of attention mostly because of it's shape and look. 

BlackBerry have made the Passport a phone to be desired especially with the specifications and the features embedded in the device. This we shall cover below. 

The design and shape of the blackberry Passport phone is crazy and awkward enough to catch your attention. However, there's a reason why the smartphone in question is designed that way.

Screen Size and Resolution
The BlackBerry Passport is a multitouch screen 4.5inch smartphone with a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels having 16M colours. One of the reasons for this highly square screen with 1440 x 1440 pixel is due to the fact that research has it that documents viewed on a mobile device is best with a screen size and resolution as that in the BlackBerry Passport. This type of screen eliminated the need to always want to rotate the device do landscape and portrait view. Hence, working with  documents and texts will be awesome on the BlackBerry Passport smartphone. 

Network and SIM card
The blackberry Passport will have a 2G/3G and LTE capability covering most bands. Also, the BB Passport will have a single SIM card slot. Although rumors have that BlackBerry may make the Passport a dual SIM card phone - one for business and the other for personal use. This is not confirmed and may not be the case. 

One thing comes to mind when you see the BlackBerry Passport: The Keyboard is unusually small compared to other BlackBerry Phones we've seen; but make no mistake, the Keyboard is very efficient. 

First it's a qwerty keyboard which does what it's supposed to do but with a twist. The keyboard can also function as a touchpad! Yes you heard it right. You can swipe left and right, up and down on the keyboard to interact with files and displayed items on the screen. 

We all know that all BlackBerry 10 devices don't have touchpad like the older ones. Hence they all have a touch screen mode to navigate which does not include the keyboard. However, with the BB Passport, the keyboard can function as a touchpad. 

Operating System and Micro Chip
As far as we know, the BB passport will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with quad core 2.2GHz processor speed and  a 3GB RAM.

Also, BlackBerry Passpory will run the BB 10.3 operating system efficiently and smoothly.

Not so much info was revealed as far as camera specifications are concerned. However, we've got word that the device will have a 13MP rear camera and a 2.0MP front camera. We waiting on confirmation on this one. 

Internal Memory and Memory Card
The BlackBerry passport will have an internal flash memory of 32GB as sourced have revealed and will also come with a memory card slot that will support SD card of up to 64GB. This will ensure that enough files can be saved on the device. 

Other Features
Other features the BlackBerry Passport will have include sensors like Gyro, Proximity, Light and Accelerometer sensor. 

Also, Bluetooth 4.0, wifi and wifi hotspot will be available in the BB Passport. No FM Radio capability but that may not be an issue for most. 

The BlackBerry a Passport will be available for September. 

We shall be bringing you more info regarding the BlackBerry Passport as they become available.

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