All About Smartphones: Apple to Unveil New iPhones And These Other Products

Monday, September 8, 2014

Apple to Unveil New iPhones And These Other Products

By now it is no news anymore that Apple is set to release their biggest iPhones yet. We say iPhones because two iPhones would be announced in less than 24hrs right here in the US at around 10:00am Pacific Time (6:00pm GMT) at the Flint Center Cupertino Calif.

According to sources, one of the iPhones will be labelled iPhone 6 which is the 4.7" version while the 5.5" version will be labelled iPhone 6 Plus. Also, both phones will be indestructible with the aid of a highly strengthened sapphire glass and a super strong metallic body. 

Furthermore, there is a very  high possibility of Apple unveiling more than the iPhone 6 and 6+ tomorrow. The reason for this is that Apple is setting up highly strict measures to make sure that security is of the highest order and nothing is taken out of the auditorium without permission. 

Employees at the events says that their phones will be submitted for keep and anyone seen taking pictures would be fired on the spot. Also, they were told that erase anything embarrassing from their phones cos it will be looked into just to make sure images and information is not illegally stored.

An anonymous info came in which says that Apple will also unveil new iPads, AppleTV and things surrounding the iWatch during tomorrow's event. 

As we patiently count down to this unveiling event tomorrow, we shall be giving you updates with respect to the announcements and what Apple has to offer.

By tomorrow, all the rumors would be laid to rest and we shall find out the real products to be unveiled so stay tuned to this blog for timely information regarding the event and what exactly Apple has up her sleeves.

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