All About Smartphones: iOS8 Jailbreak Warnings and Status

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

iOS8 Jailbreak Warnings and Status

With Apple set to officially release iOS 8 to the world come September 19th 2014 alongside the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, one can only imagine how many iPhone users would gladly and maybe blindly update to the latest iOS 8 firmware.

We say blindly because, as far as history as thought us, the first version of any new iOS firmware released comes with a whole lot of bugs that can render the device and apps unstable. However, to some group of people called the jailbreak community, updating to iOS 8 means more.

According to the elite iOS hacker +MuscleNerd , if you update your untethered jailbroken iPhone, iPod or iPad to iOS 8.0 you will lose the jailbreak and won't be able to re-jailbreak it or downgrade to earlier version of iOS if the ipsw 7.1.2 signing window get closed. This is a warning!

Furthermore, you should know that at this point there is no word on a jailbreak for iOS 8 on any of the iDevices nor is there an ETA for one. Hence, once your device is updated to iOS 8 your jailbreak is lost and nothing you can do about it till the big boys in the jailbreak department announce a solution.

As usual, when there is any word or development regarding this jailbreak of iOS 8 comes to us, we shall be keen to put that information out there and a tutorial on how to achieve it. So stay glued to this blog as we bring you more smartphone news.

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