All About Smartphones: Line of Apple Fans Ahead of iPhone 6 Release

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Line of Apple Fans Ahead of iPhone 6 Release

Whenever the iPhone is to be released it's usually accompanied by a lot of razzmatazz. One of such razzmatazz is that people start queuing to be amongst the first to have the newly released iPhone.  

The iPhone 6 is no exception and today we have already seen people gathering and forming a sort of queue in other to be the first to see and have the iPhone 6 at Apple's venue in Sixth Avenue, New York, USA. 

Even though it's 6 days away from the official launch of the iPhone 6 by Apple, it's a normal thing to see fanboys lined up for themselves, companies or news agencies days before the new iPhone launch. 

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 alongside the iOS 8 on September 9th 2014. 

We shall be giving you updates on the day of event when Apple officially takes the wraps off iPhone 6 so stay tuned to this blog site. 

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  1. Good day sir. Thnks for all ur updates. Pls i pre ordered d Infinix Zero. Need to know how i would be contacted. Bless

    1. You would be contacted via phone number once next batch is available

  2. thank you for this information, you are interested in the iPhone 6 ra mat


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