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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fake Apple Smartwatch Showed Up

During the just concluded CES 2015 that happened in Las Vegas, a lot of gadgets and technology was displayed. One in particular caught our attention because it involves the unveiling of a cloned version of a much anticipated product , Apple Watch.

The clone which look so exactly like the real deal functioned very well and cost just $36; about 10% of what the original Apple Watch will cost. 

As you may have guessed, the watch was on display at the CES 2015 and quite a few people tested the clone Apple Watch to see how it performed. The result of the test?

According to Mashable, one of its journalists stumbled upon Shenzhen-based Hyperdon displaying and selling fake Apple Watches in one of the smaller halls at the tech show.

Officially called "Smart Watch", the wearable looks like the Apple Watch with a crown at the side and a similar-looking interface.

"The watch's screen only displays when it's turned on, and many of its icons are blatant ripoffs of Apple designs. The pairing process took a few tries, but once connected to my iPhone 6, I was able to make phone calls and play music through the watch. It even vibrates when I get a call," wrote the reporter.

Apple Inc. is set to release the real Apple Watch sometime around March 2015 hence there's a lot of anticipation and many can't wait to buy and try on the Apple Watch. 

The soon to be released Apple Watch will have a starting price of $350...quite a lot of money when compared to other smartwatches already available for sale.

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image source: digital asione

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