All About Smartphones: Do You Agree With These Smartphone Statistics

Monday, May 18, 2015

Do You Agree With These Smartphone Statistics

Mobile Phones have evolved since the discovery of Integrated Circuits commonly known as ICs. Now phones have become so powerful and efficient in doing a lot of things, hence the term "smartphones". Almost everyone now own a smartphone and for various reasons too. A questionnaire was sent out by Jumia to which I received one to figure out the answers to questions like: What does your smartphone do for you? How do you use it? How much do you spend on one app? What's your favorite app? Etc.  These and many other questions were asked by Jumia with the targeted audience obviously being Nigerians and the image below gave an interesting summary of the replies all of the people that partook in the questionnaire. You can download the image and expand so you can better see the figures.

After a careful look at the replies by others who took the questionnaire, it was apparent that Android Operating System is the mobile platform dominating in Nigerian and that BlackBerry Messenger is become less popular by the day. Many may argue that the infographic may not be a clear representation of all people using a smartphone, however, it gives an insight to what is happening to the smartphone industry in Nigeria with respect to the consumers. 

What are your thoughts regarding the percentages above? You agree or disagree? Let's hear it on the comment section. 

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