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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Google I/O conference 2015: The announcements

Two days ago Google has just started their annual  Google I/O conference to introduce the latest news starting from Android M the newest mobile OS to android wear, new features and so on.Here are some of the amazing stuff that Google has introduced in the first day of the conference.

Android M : The newest android version
Good news for those who have Android devices: Google in the first day of the conference decided to debut Android M, the newest android version. Android M has a lot new features, updates, and other things too.
Just as it was expected, Google's focus was on fixing bugs from the previous Android lollipop version however the most important thing or probably the best thing about the Android M is the work that has been done regarding security and privacy. Google managed to boost the security by adding app permissions with a new build. That means if you install an app and it asks about permissions you don't have to agree with all of them. One now have choice as to which permission to agree with and those ones no to be accepted especially when they don't make any sense to you. In addition to this, one can see which features are being used by apps, for example which apps have access to your mic or camera.
There has been a focus on the battery too with features like doze that helps with energy management, thus saving more power and having a better battery life. Android M is coming with USB-C support, which ensures faster charging

Android Pay
This was one of the expected features that was about to come out in 2015. Google said that they will expand android pay with mobile providers to pre-install the feature on new devices. This new payment service will be available at 700000 stores and you can make payments by verifying your fingerprint.

Offline services
Another reason to be excited about 2015 is offline connectivity. Finally, we will be able to use Google Maps even while offline.  It was announced in the first day of the conference and it will be launched later this year. This is not the first offline service that Google is providing to us.
A few months ago Google has launched YouTube offline and offline support for chrome on which you can open a few pages with no internet. Since android is available all over the world, they launched the offline services mostly for developing countries which are very likely to have problems with internet connection.

Google Photos
One of the best news from the I/O conference no doubt it's Google Photos. This app offer unlimited storage to back up photos and browse them any time needed, but only for up to 16MP pictures and 1080p videos. This is an amazing solution for those who take a lot of photos and don't want to worry about the storage. However, it's not the only thing this app does. This app also does an excellent job in terms of organizing the images; now we don't have to use tags to sort the images for people and places for example. It provides intelligent search too. To select the images you want, you no longer have the need to tap each of them, all you need is a single tap and slide your fingers over the images you want.
Google Photos is available to download for android and iOS devices.

Jump VR videos
GoPro and Google paired up to create a 360° camera rig to capture videos for the VR. You will be able to watch these kind of videos on YouTube.

Now on Tap
The newest thing that was introduced in the I/O conference is the Now On Tap feature.
What this feature does, is displaying you information based on what you are looking at your screen. For example you are listening to skrillex and pause to ask Google "what's his real name" and it will know who you are asking for without mentioning the artists name.
So basically,  you can pull up information with this feature no matter what you are doing or where you are.

Other things
announced in the first day of the I/O conference include: Project brillo, HBO streaming service available on Android TV and Chromecast, Google Cardboard support now iOS too, and many other things as well.

In the second day of the conference Google announced in the conference some projects like: Project Jacquard (an initiative to make clothes into wearables), Project Vault (an initiative to make an Ultra Secure SD Card), Project Abacus (an initiative for better authentication) and the last one, actually the most important Project Ara which is a revolutionary project which would allow any of us to build a smartphone just like a lego with the components like: Camera, screen, processors etc.
There is yet many more things to come at the conference because it lasts a few days and what we learned from this conference is that technology is definitely going forward super fast.

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Source: TechRadar, thenextweb
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