All About Smartphones: New Infinix Zero Smartphone to be Released With These Specifications

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Infinix Zero Smartphone to be Released With These Specifications

Everyone loves to have a new version of any smartphone not only because of the new features they come with but because it is just the human nature to want something newer and discard of the old smartphone. To make this discard swifter, Infinix Mobility has decided to tease us with a release of a new Infinix Zero smartphone known as the Infinix Zero 2 that will trump the specifications and features of the current Infinix Zero smartphone.

As of this writing, the full detailed specifications and features of the Infinix Zero 2 is unknown to us but one thing we know is that some of the features in Infinix Hot Note like gesture to launch apps, great battery power  and effective management of battery juice would be incorporated to the Infinix Zero 2 smartphone. Furthermore, information from a great source suggests that the newer Infinix Zero 2 smartphone would have a 32GB internal memory, a super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 screen at the front and a kevlar back case. furthermore, it will have a 85 degree wide angle 5.0 mega pixel front camera and 13 mega pixel back camera.

No word on RAM, processor type & clock speed, and camera yet but we shall be constantly updating this information as they get to us so please visit the page constantly for more information on the Infinix Zero 2 smartphone. 

One thing is sure, the Infinix Zero 2 will be a very great smartphone and the price tag won't break the bank either so get ready and start saving up for Infinix Zero 2 due by the end of July.

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    1. Can't wait to discard my Infinix Zero for this, I hope they don't Disappoint....


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