All About Smartphones: Report: New features for the 12 inch iPad

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Report: New features for the 12 inch iPad

After many rumors and discussions about the so called "iPad Pro" online, there appear to be a more factual information that has shed some light on what Apple is going to bring the world with respect to the newest iPad. It's not hard to notice that Apple is working hard to come out with some fresh features such as by side-by-side app viewing and support for multiple users according to the latest report by 9to5mac. Originally, Apple planned to debut the side-by-side viewing feature last year in the iPad Air but this plan couldn't be accomplished because this feature wasn't perfectly ready for public usage until now. Based on some sources, we can definitely expect the feature to come with the 12.9 inch iPad. The side-by-side app viewing feature gives the iPad the ability to display two different apps side-by-side and it will support 1/2, 1/3, 2/3 views depending on the apps.

Another feature to be seen on the iPad pro is the support for multiple users feature. This feature would make it possible for multiple users to have separate account on a single iPad and hence separate file privileges;that is users would have access solely to their own documents, apps, media just like on a Mac. These features are being tested on iPad devices codenamed J98 and J99 by Apple. While lately there has been a lack of interest in tablets, including iPads which has affected sales, there is no doubt that the new iPad will come with a lot of new stuff both in software and hardware that would boost the interest of consumers in Apple tablets.

iPad pro will go head-to-head with Microsoft surface pro that has seen incredible success in sales. In other to make this iPad pro a worthy contender, the iPad pro would need to be more productive and the above mentioned features are expected to do justice to that. In addition, a larger screen means more room and efficiency for multitasking related work. Apple's main purpose will be making the iOS good enough in order to bring good performance and easy use in a larger display. And that means redesigning the apps, features, etc., We are not quiet sure whether the new iPad will be named iPad Pro since other rumors another name - iPad Air Plus. 

One thing we are sure of is that the new iPad will have a much bigger screen, split screen multitasking and many new feature set. Apple will hold it's annual Worldwide Developer conference on the 8th of June and will officially reveal what the new iPad will look like including its features and specifications.

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