All About Smartphones: New Google Website Suggest The Right Phone For You Based On Your Needs

Friday, June 12, 2015

New Google Website Suggest The Right Phone For You Based On Your Needs

With the barrage of android smartphone released almost daily in recent times, it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to make choices as to what smartphone to buy. While some consumers can only buy a particular brand of smartphone e.g Samsung, LG, Nexus etc, majority of smartphone shoppers do not have any special preference to maker of smartphone but are more concerned by what the smartphone has to offer with respect to meeting their needs. Thank goodness, Google seek to solve that problem with this new nifty tool found on the website. 

The Google Android smartphone suggesting website gives a smartphone shopper suggestions of the kind of smartphone the shopper might need based on the tasks and activities the shopper would be performing on his or her smartphone. We've tried this for ourselves and for a highly productive, gaming and email jumbo like me, it was suggested that I get a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG G4, or Nexus 6. 

What would be yours? Do you want a basic phone to just make calls or you will be doing more than that like taking selfies? Well find out for yourself what smartphone suite you the most by clicking on the link below. 

Click here to determine the smartphone fit for you.

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