All About Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Unveiled

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S5 price have been revealed by popular online shopping websites in the UK, clove Technology and in Spain, Amazon.

Pre order paxges of have been setup for both websites allowing interested consumers to pre order the Samsung Galaxy S5 at a very pocket tearing rate. This in a way point to the idea that the new Samsung flagship phone won't be cheaper than the S4 as some have rumored.

Clove Technology which is a large online retailing store was the first to put up a pre-order form and puts the cost of the S5 at £550 inclusive of all sales tax; that's approximately $920 (N151,800) for the 16GB memory version.

Similarly, the Spanish arm of the retail giant Amazon is offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 at a pre-order price of €729 which is equivalent to $1005 (N165,825) using the current conversion rate. This is quite very huge.

For both websites, first available stock product will be April 11th.

Although, the initial rush to get a product always drive the price of that product high. Consequently, those  that are not in the mood to spend extravagantly on a the S5 should wait a little till perhaps June when prices would have dropped.

Another exciting news is that, there are reports of Samsung cooking a new Samsung Galaxy line of products that will best the S5 - - Samsung Galaxy F.

For us, we are holding back our cash until we see what other smartphone manufacturers like HTC, have to offer, before we spend that hard earned cash on any device.

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