All About Smartphones: Tecno R7 Detailed Information, More Images and Specifications

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tecno R7 Detailed Information, More Images and Specifications

Tecno R7 is the latest TECNO Mobile latest flagship smartphone that is caught attention of many smartphone enthusiast out there in the Nigerian atmosphere especially Tecno Fans. Tecno R7 succeeds the Tecno Phantom A+ which was released like a year ago.

Tecno R7 is absolutely a beautiful piece of smartphone with its sleek and shiny plastic material. The specs and features of the phone combined with its price tag makes it easy to love. We already did an article of the Tecno R7 specs and you can read about it through this link however, for the sake of pointing out new specs and features we observed with the R7, we would give a quick brief of the specs after stating the things we didn't mention earlier. 

New Observations
First of all, it would be great to state that the Tecno R7 is slimmer than the A+, taller and of course with a wider and sharper screen (5.5''). It has a shiny, well polished plastic casing.

Upon purchase of the Tecno R7, you get a power bank and a smart cover. The smart cover is much like the Samsung galaxy S4 cover that has a transparent film at the top for viewing notifications without opening the cover. The smart cover comes in both black and white colours.

The R7 packaging is like the Tecno A+; a bigger pack housing a smaller pack where the phone is located and other accessories like the earpiece, charger, operational manual and power bank.

Like the Tecno Phantom A+, the Tecno R7 comes with a Power Bank with a power rating of 3200mAh which is 22% more than the A+ power bank rating. This should at least give the R7 extra 1hr in battery life.

There is no doubt that the Tecno R7 is a great improvement over other Tecno devices and its predecessor A+. 

Currently, the Tecno R7 is selling for N42,000 at Divine Anyi Communications Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos. This means that the R7 is cheaper than the Tecno AIII and with great specs too. You can call  Adom on 08060791362 if you want one. We currently don't think Slot or Micro Station have the product yet. We shall keep you updated on their prices once they do. 

We would keep updating this page as we discover new features. Also drop your comments below. See below for a run down of the specifications

Specifications Run Down
Tecno R7 is a dual mini SIM smartphone with dual standby operating on the 2G, 3G and 3.75G network. It doesn't have a 4G network capability yet perhaps due to the fact that most if not all countries Tecno devices are sold in don't have such network capabilities.

The R7 still, like its predecessor A+, runs the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 with a slight change in interface compared to the A+. Although it would have been great if Tecno Mobile had bumped the OS to 4.3 Jelly Bean at the least knowing that this device may not have a successor until the next 1 year. 

Internal memory of the Tecno R7 is 16GB which is a massive upgrade to its predecessor. You would agree with me that the Tecno A+ only has 4GB internal memory. The R7 comes with 16GB internal memory of which 13GB is available for use.

The new and laudable spec about the Tecno R7 is that it was given a RAM of 2GB! That is a very good thing. It is long overdue and fans are extremely happy to have opportunity to have a 2GB Tecno device. This means that applications are expected to run very smooth.

Another reason the Tecno R7 would run much faster than any Tecno device we know is because it comes with a hexa core processor clocked at 1.5GHz; the highest core and processor speed we've seen so far on Tecno devices.

In the camera department, the Tecno R7 bags a powerful 13 mega pixel rear camera with a strong led flash light and a 5 mega pixel front camera. 

All other specifications still remain as we listed in the previous post which you can find here.

The Tecno R7 is surely a great phone which may bring back some Tecno fans that have defected to other brands while also bringing new fans.

What are your thoughts regarding the new Tecno R7? Drop your comments below and let us know.

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  1. Great! How much for item of U$ Dollars! And have a shop or urgent in Tanzania?

  2. Great! How much for item of U$ Dollars! And have a shop or urgent in Tanzania?

  3. Please Akin I broke my infinix x507 screen and I was wondering how and where to change it. It still calibrates.

    1. You can go to any Carl Care centre for fixing the phone. All you have to do is take your warranty card/receipt I believe and they can help fix the screen.

  4. Where can I get this Carl care in Ibadan?

    1. Ibadan
      Address: Isolak Building, Queen Elizabeth Road, Ibadon, Oyo State, Nigeria
      Tel: +2347027104664, +2347066085854

  5. please, is tecno R7 OS upgradable, saw a comment on nairaland of some who said he upgraded its OS to 4.4.2 kit kat


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